... to the Arnewood Parents and Friends Association Community.


If you are a parent, carer, grandparent or relation of a student at the Arnewood School in New Milton, or an ex student or local organisation who wishes to support the school in giving our children the best possible education, this site is for you.

We are planning several fundraising events this year in support of our main goal of improving the external student seating and leisure areas at the school. We hope to purchase our first set of seats by the end of 2016.

However, this site is not just about fundraising.

We want to build a community, providing resources for new or existing parents, engaging school staff, pupils, parents/carers and local businesses, and ensuring that an outstanding school gets outstanding support in its efforts to give our children a great future.



Our Lottery in support of the school is now live. All proceeds will go towards supporting schoool and student projects and initiatives. You could win £25,000 for a £1 ticket. One of our community is also guaranteed to win a prize, currently around £15, but this will go up as more people join. You can join our lottery by clicking here or download our flyer to give to friends and family by clicking here. Help us raise funds towards our school and have fun playing. All proceeds go to the school.


Some of our community features.





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